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4 tips to help you avoid credit card fraud

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) offers four tips to help you avoid credit card fraud and protect your information. Find out how you can avoid this type of fraud.

Take the financial literacy quiz

A recent edition of 'Investment News' was headlined: "The Financial Literacy Crisis" with the subtext that 'An inability to understand basic financial concepts is a growing national problem'. The scope ...

Important tax law changes for 2018

Those of you who work for a paycheck will by now have noticed lower federal tax withholdings even if you do not follow the news. But you will just have gotten used to the lower rates by the time they will ...

Be alert to charity scams during the holiday season

Charity scams often pop up during the end of the year as scammers attempt to take advantage of the holiday spirit. A charity scam is when a thief poses as a real charity or makes up the name of a charity ...

Paying Off Student Loans

Actively managing your debt is an important step, and your student debt may be one of the biggest financial obligations you have. There are many strategies that could help you manage student loans efficiently. ...

Retirement Assets and Divorce: What is a QDRO?

For a married participant in an employer sponsored retirement plan or an IRA the spouse is designated as the primary beneficiary unless s/he waives this right in writing. If you or your spouse ...

Does Financial Advice Have an Impact on Peoples' Behavior?

According to a recent online article of the Wall Street Journal we financial planners might want to believe so. On May 19 wrote: 'Fewer Retirees Start Social Security at Age 62.' For those ...

Dating and Money - What Money Traits Make an Attractive Mate?

Apr 16, 2015

Every honest person will admit that they would rather be rich and healthy than sick and poor. And if you are in the dating pool, a certain amount of bling may play a role on whether and who to date or ...

Looking for a Life Partner? Improve your Budgeting Skills!

Feb 9, 2015

Surveys try to find out all kinds of things about our habits and preferences. So why not ask how money matters fit into the mating game? Popular belief would have us be attracted to a person with mint ...

Needing long-term care is a prospect most unsettling

Sep 24, 2014

That is probably the way the fictional detective Hercule Poirot (from the French speaking part of Belgium) would summarize what more and more people are going to face. The US Dept. of Health's website ...

Claiming Social Security - Finding the best Strategy

Jun 13, 2014

The Social Security Program is simple and complicated at the same time. Simple because you barely notice it is there, unless you examine every one of your paychecks for the line with your contribution ...

Social Security Administration reverses course on statements

Apr 22, 2014

A few years ago the Social Security Administration discontinued mailing paper benefit statements to workers and beneficiaries, providing only online information. The SSA is now making an about face and ...

Tax Time - Scam Time?

Mar 27, 2014

The avenues to separate unsuspecting people from their money are seemingly getting wider every day. Now there is an IRS scam. Read more about how to protect yourself.

Financial Planning Helps your Household Improve The Money Picture Even In Uncertain Times

Mar 4, 2014

The CFP Board and the Consumer Federation of America released their second annual Household Financial Planning Survey. It clearly shows that planner households tend to do better than non-planner households ...

Secondary Market Annuities May Solve Income Dilemma

Jan 20, 2014

Are you looking for better income or predictable long-term returns? Secondary market annuities might just be the answer for you.

Cover Oregon Update

Nov 27, 2013

While we still have not processed any applications through the Cover Oregon website, I am glad that the old-style technology of pen and paper is still available to fall back on.

Health Insurance Exchanges Up and Running

Oct 1, 2013

Obamacare and Cover Oregon have come on line today. At first only individuals and families will be able to apply for health insurance on the website. Later in the year small companies from 1 to 50 employees ...

Income Statistics and 'The American Dream'

Sep 17, 2013

The last five to six years have shaken many of us from a theretoforepleasant existence and dreams of comfortable retirement into a state ofuncertainty and doubt about the financial future. Millions have ...

How does your ‘Balance’ stack up?

Aug 22, 2013

The United States is undoubtedly a very consumer driven economy. About 70% of all economic activity is the result of consumer purchases. The balance being government and business activity. With all this ...

Subprime Lending 2.0, anyone?

Sep 13, 2013

Although it has been only five years since Lehman Bros bit the dust in the wake of too much subprime lending in the housing market, we are already working on a new addition of a credit debacle, but this ...

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