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Retirement Assets and Divorce: What is a QDRO?

For a married participant in an employer sponsored retirement plan or an IRA the spouse is designated as the primary beneficiary unless s/he waives this right in writing.

If you or your spouse are each other's beneficiary of retirement assets a document known as a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, QDRO for short, will be part of the divorce settlement, spelling out how those assets are going to be divided. Payments can go to the former spouse, child or other party.

Such payments can be taxable, but if a former spouse is able to roll the distribution to another qualified retirement plan the transfer would be non-taxable and the transfer amount becomes part of the assets in that plan. In the case of an IRA transfer the former spouse can open a receiving IRA or roll over to an existing IRA and the transfer would be tax free as well.

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PO Box 5190
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